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Learn. Innovate. Succeed. The values driving Daylight, every day.

The mission statement Daylight lives by is “Learn. Innovate. Succeed.” At every level of the company, we strive to learn about our customers’ business and needs. Then, we innovate with the goal of providing a higher level of service with relevant and continuous improvement. The result is success – for our customers, and for Daylight.

Not only are we the fastest long-haul LTL carrier in the industry. We pride ourselves on being the most customer-focused. In fact, we’re passionate about it. Other leading carriers require the customer to conform to the carrier’s system. Daylight develops customized processes for individual customers and handles unusual situations proactively. Instead of putting you in a box, we think outside the typical boundaries, both long term and on the fly. We call this approach “Made-to-Order LTL.®

Built for speed and empowered to serve.

Our “Just-in-Time LTL” service approach, designed to support today’s lean inventories and fast-moving supply chains, allows no time for bureaucracy. We think fast and respond quickly. Daylight cross-trains customer service representatives so they understand the different areas of our business, from line haul to accounting. Then, we empower them with both the knowledge and the authority to make decisions on a customer’s behalf. When you call, you get answers, and more importantly – action.

Daylight service commitments.

Here are a few specific service commitments you can count on with Daylight Transport:

  • We will keep looking for ways to improve service, know you better, and respond to your needs in a manner unmatched.
  • We will provide you with the best estimate of the time needed to complete your request and fully explain any delays.
  • We will clearly explain our decisions and your options if you prefer an alternate solution.
  • Our front-line employees receive ongoing support training.
  • We will answer calls in the shortest time possible.
  • We will treat callers with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

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