Daylight History

Daylight Transport: an American success story. Speed is in our DNA.

Daylight Transport, one of the nation’s leading expedited Less-than-Truckload carriers, was founded in 1977, when cross country-transit times for motor freight averaged 7 to 15 days. Through innovations like two-driver sleeper teams, Daylight brought transit times down to 3 days (and even 2 days) coast to coast. This kind of speed was unprecedented at the time. Even now, no other LTL carrier can provide faster over-the-road service, consistently, every day.

Innovation and entrepreneurship.

Daylight has grown steadily over the past three decades. A big company now, Daylight still maintains the entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, and maneuverability of a small business in the American tradition. We have weathered many economic cycles while maintaining a level of service, consistency, and speed ever more relevant in today’s Just-in-Time world.

Hallmarks of the Daylight approach, contributing to our continued growth and success, include:

  • Direct loading for reduced handling and safer transit (not “hub-and-spoke”).
  • Investment in IT. Cutting-edge technology for transparency across our enormous nationwide network. Sophisticated logistics management.
  • Innovation in services that support lean inventories: Guaranteed Expedited (Urgent Care and Critical Care), Vendor Compliance (reducing cost and complexity of complying with big box retailer rules).
  • Customized “Made-to-Order LTL” programs for individual customers to handle exceptional situations.
  • A “Strategic Saver” program helping customers save in a variety of areas, from cash flow to inventory to coordination cost.
  • A focus on systems and best practices to streamline operations.
  • A commitment to education, training, and continuous improvement for our own people.
  • Our motto and mission “Learn. Innovate. Succeed.” applies to the way we work with our customers as well as with each other.
  • A culture of pay for performance: We compensate our people for delivering results.

Daylight Transport takes pride in the fact that many of our customers’ businesses have been built on our services. Our speed and reliability have enabled companies to open up new markets and compete throughout the country without incurring capital costs. We continue to champion the values of American entrepreneurship.

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