The Daylight Difference

What makes Daylight different from other LTL carriers?
Here’s a partial list.

  • Speed – We’re known for our speed. Nobody’s faster coast-to-coast: we pick up LTL shipments on Friday and deliver Monday for hundreds of long-haul lanes. Consistently!
  • Less Handling – Direct loading, strict cut-and-arrival patterns and fewer stops means less handling. We load more freight directly to more destinations more often. Your shipments get there sooner and more safely. Traditional hub-and-spoke networks are slower and have higher risk of damage during transfers.
  • Two-Man Sleeper Teams – Once we pick up your shipment, our “team drivers” go all day and all night. We have a huge network, and run hundreds of direct team schedules weekly.
  • Flexibility and Customization – Some carriers demand you fit in “their box”. Daylight is flexible. We take your point of view and find ways to say yes. We’ll customize a special process for your specific situation. Just ask!
  • Anticipation – We’re proactive. Our front-line team is empowered to handle situations as they arise. If we see a discrepancy, we take action and let you know.
  • Innovation – We develop new services and infrastructure to handle specific types of shipping situations and requirements. For example, our Vendor Compliance Program is second to none.
  • Information – Our people and systems give you the visibility you need – when you need it.
  • Guarantees – You can count on reliable pick up and delivery. Added to this, we offer guaranteed day of delivery (Urgent Care) and time of delivery (our super-fast Critical Care). Many customers use our Guaranteed Services routinely.
  • Value-Added Services – We learn about your business and support you in ways you wouldn’t expect from a trucking company, from handling coordination tasks to consulting with you on supply chain issues.

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