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About TCS

tcs trackingTCS came into being in 1983 as a domestic courier company. The TCS journey since its inception has been exhilarating and as recorded in the Havard Business Case Study, the Company that Engineer Khalid Awan established with his brother has found itself in trailblazing roles, and developed an entire Industry that has withstood the trials and tribulations of cohabiting with the Government sector, and strove every inch of the way to find win-win solutions in the service of Pakistani prosperity.

TCS Tracking Help

  • If you have problem with our express tracking system, please track your package directly on the TCS website.
  • If you get no tracking information from TCS official website, you’d better contact them.

TCS Tracking Number Format

If you have shipped through TCS, you will have received a copy of your Reference number. Each Reference number has a distinct number which can vary between 8 to 11 digits(eg: 321119864, 321119865).

tcs tracking

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Help Center of TCS Tracking

If you have problem with our TCS Tracking system, submit your problem here, we will help you as soon as possible.
Declare: We can NOT contact carrier or others on your behalf, we can only help you track your package with your TCS tracking number on official tracking system.

4 thoughts on “TCS Tracking

    • Hi zarayat,
      If our TCS Tracking system is out of service. We suggest you track your package on the official website.

  1. Dear Sir, My CNIC was dispatched by NADRA on 08.01.2020 by TCS but I have not yet received the same after passing of four days yet at 13.01.2020. I contacted at TCS helpline -111-123456 but the dealing lady has informed that she has no status of my CNIC. Consignment No.080700690787. Plz help me.

    • Hi Raja,
      We suggest you contact the official customer service for help, we provide tcs tracking service only.

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