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About Seur

seur trackingSEUR, the first urgent transport and comprehensive logistics company in Spain, has been responsible for your customers’ shipments since 1942, when the first one took place between Madrid and Barcelona, creating a new concept of urgent goods transportation.

The company has since become a leader thanks to its customer care and its innovation strategy, developing new services and advanced technological solutions designed to offer our clients a board range of personalised, efficient and quality services.

We invest all our experience to ensure the best service, and a team of 6,300 professionals, dedicated to ensure that close to 1,200,000 SEUR customers place their full confidence in our brand for their shipments. The company currently operates in more than 230 countries via our international network and we continue to face challenges and driving projects to ensure that our clients’ shipments have no borders.

Seur Tracking Help

  • If you have problem with our express tracking system, please track your package directly on the Seur website.
  • If you get no tracking information from Seur official website, you’d better contact them.

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If you have problem with our Seur Tracking system, submit your problem here, we will help you as soon as possible.
Declare: We can NOT contact carrier or others on your behalf, we can only help you track your package with your Seur tracking number on official tracking system.

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