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Old Dominion President’s Letter

Old Dominion Customers, a lot of people think OD is in the business of shipping freight. Managing truck logistics. Moving cargo. And making deliveries.

What we’re really in the business of doing is keeping promises.

People keep promises, and that’s what everyone who works at Old Dominion does. Because even though it may look like a truck or a drayage container or maybe just a bunch of cardboard boxes, each one contains promises.

A promise that manufacturers will get what they need to produce their product. A promise that retailers will receive the product by a certain date and have it on the shelves. And ultimately, it’s a promise that consumers will be able to buy that product easily, whenever they need it.

At OD, we believe the world runs on promises, and no transportation company is better suited or skilled to keep those promises than we are.

The way we keep promises is by continually finding innovative ways to simplify your transportation process. Our four product groups, OD • Domestic, OD • Expedited, OD • Global and OD • Technology, provide you with all the products and services you need to make the promise of seamless simplicity a reality.

OD promises you the power of one source to meet your needs. We are not operating groups or business entities trying to act as one company. We ARE one company. The simplicity that comes from this model empowers us to provide you with complete supply chain solutions both domestically and globally. Our single company structure also allows us to excel on all levels of customer service and ensures that our thousands of employees share the same dedication to you, our customer, each and every day.

Let OD be the company that helps you, and the world, keep promises.

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