Old Dominion Company History

Earl and Lillian Congdon founded Old Dominion Freight Line with a single truck running between Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA.

Congress regulates the trucking industry; OD receives the Interstate Commerce Commission to transport general commodities and begins a period of rapid growth.

OD leads the way as World War II creates a boom in traffic between bases in Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA. Teamsters organize drivers and warehouse workers and strike against OD. OD reopens as a nonunion carrier.

Founder Earl Congdon, Sr. dies. The company is incorporated and Lillian Congdon assumes the presidency. She is joined by sons Earl, Jr. and Jack. In 1957, OD extends operations to most major markets in North Carolina and southern Virginia with the acquisition of Bottoms-Fiske Truck Line. In 1962, OD moves its corporate offices to High Point and merges with Bottoms-Fiske. Earl Congdon, Jr. assumes the presidency. Lillian Congdon becomes the Chairman of the Board.

OD enters a period of unparalleled expansion and extends its coverage to the northeastern and southern regions with acquisitions of Barnes Truck Line, Nilson Motor Express and White Transport in 1969, Star Transport in 1972 and Deaton Trucking in 1979.

Congress partially deregulates the motor carriers, granting nationwide operating authority to all applicants. OD extends services to Florida, Tennessee, California, Dallas and Chicago.

OD concentrates on LTL, building density and improved profitability. OD goes public in 1991. OD initiates Intraregional service in the mid-Atlantic region in 1993.

David Congdon is named President and Chief Operating Officer. OD purchases selected assets of Fredrickson Motor Express, Goggin Truck Line, Inc. and Skyline to enhance super regional carrier positioning.

OD acquires Carter and Sons Trucking. OD expands into Nevada, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington State and builds density in existing areas throughout the country. Globally, OD introduces direct service to Canada. In 2005, OD expands into South Dakota and Vermont and continues to build density in existing areas throughout the United States.

2006 – Present
OD acquires the selected assets of Wichita Southeast Kansas Transit and Priority Freight Line. OD • Global introduces service between the U.S. and China.

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