Blue Dart Technology

Blue Dart has been the only Indian Air Express Company that has invested extensively in Technology infrastructure to create differentiated delivery capabilities, quality services and customised solutions for the customer.

Some of the technology-based business offerings on our site are as follows :

  • TrackDart
  • MailDart
  • MobileDart
  • InternetDart
  • ShopTrack
  • PackTrack
  • ShipDart
  • Billing
  • Schedule a pickup
  • Waybill Generation
  • Location Finder
  • Transit Time Finder
  • Price Finder
  • ImageDart

We have one of the largest private computer networks in India, with over 5,491 computer terminals connected by dedicated leased lines, VSATs and Microwave links. Our E-mail is accessed at 341 locations daily by over 4,337 users. We also employ wireless, mobile telephones, radio sets and pagers extensively to enhance our communication speed and connectivity with our troops on the field. Our Customer Service Cell is equipped with Automated Call Distribution Systems (ACDs) to provide quick response and support to our customers.

We are the only Indian express company to have indigenously developed COSMAT IITM, which includes an advanced state-of-the-art track and trace system for all our consignments. Consignments are scanned from pick up to every transit point till delivery, using bar coding and laser scanner technology, transmitting updates automatically to our Oracle database. This enables our customers to receive real-time, complete and accurate information about their consignments.

For our aviation system, our in-house team has developed SMARTTM (Space Management Allocation Reservations and Tracking) for effective space and revenue management.

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