AIT Worldwide Company Profile

We’re Always There for You!
With a robust global logistics network, AIT has the expertise and resources to support shipping requirements around the world.

One size no longer fits all when it comes to transportation and logistics. Companies today demand scalable, customized services that address increasingly volatile market conditions. Opportunities arise quickly – as fast as they can disappear.

AIT Worldwide Logistics enables companies to respond to global opportunities, connect with new suppliers and customers, and leverage creative shipping solutions that take the complexity out of doing business globally. We put the world in your hands, the globe at your door. Whether it’s the immediate transport of time-sensitive commodities, life-saving medicines or reengineering a safer, more streamlined supply chain, AIT delivers.

Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, AIT offers a variety of services and specialized expertise. Improving the supply chain is our business – from moving heavyweight cargo around the world and enabling just-in-time warehousing to delivering consumer goods in-home. An extensive global network of service providers and partners ensures your transportation and logistics requirements are met on time, securely and with cost-effective solutions.

What you can expect from AIT:

  • Global reach
  • Multi-modal services
  • Proprietary IT solutions that provide real-time shipment visibility
  • World-class expertise in designing, executing and managing transportation and logistics solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior customer service, security and quality
  • Commitment to compliance

In Brief

  • In Business Since: 1979
  • Ownership: Private, closely held corporation
  • Areas Served: Global
  • Number of AIT locations: 43
  • Global partner coverage: More than 190 service centers
  • Total number of AIT personnel: More than 800 employees

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