AIT Information Technology

At AIT, technology is at the forefront of our company. It is not a marginalized sector of our business, but a true competitive differentiator. If aircraft, sea vessels and trucks are the backbone of a transportation solution, information technology is the brain that keeps all of the parts moving.

The way we see it, AIT is not just in the business of transportation and logistics. We are in the business of information technology, too. At AIT we are invested in developing world-class information technology and talent that facilitate accurate, immediate, realtime communication through systems and technologies designed around our customers’ requirements.

We have developed a robust and sophisticated infrastructure that supports shipment visibility across all operations. AIT provides custom-built solutions rather than cookie-cutter methods; we conform to your customer’s online needs.

AIT delivers a flexible technology infrastructure tailored to the data distribution of each customer’s supply chain. We make critical data exchange possible. Our EDI solutions allow us to synchronize systems and share data in an integrated environment that provides a “glass pipeline” supply chain view to our customers throughout the lifecycle of each shipment.

With the click of a mouse, client-specific electronic reports are instantly accessible, providing all-inclusive visibility to status updates, shipping activity, lane segments, trade profiles, financial transactions and on-time percentage.

Proprietary tools include:

FasTrak Basic tracking information without account setup
MyAIT All encompassing tracking and tracing environment that provides complete shipment visibility throughout the supply chain
PODs Delivers Proof of Delivery (POD) electronically via email
Imaging Provides online access to scanned document images

MyAIT – At Your Service

The MyAIT interactive portal makes it fast and easy to track and trace your shipments – anytime you need information. Complete visibility is offered at every stage of transportation through this self-service technology. Outside of traditional tracking and tracing processes, the MyAIT web-based solution enables users to customize, sort, group and filter the data that’s most important to their supply chains. Shipments are separated into four searchable categories, including domestic and international air, transborder and international ocean.

In addition, we provide visibility into to P.O. Management, reporting, charge details and account highlights for shipping trends, costs and origin and destination analysis. Data integration, EDI and file transfers completes the value adds to this software solution. Currently, 65 percent of all transactions are transmitted electronically.

MyAIT Features include:

  • Profile driven
  • Secure online environment
  • Shipment history with date/time stamp
  • Tailored column headers reflecting customer-specific data needs
  • Billing: graphical snapshot of outstanding invoices
  • Scanned documentation
  • Product information – physical and virtual warehousing
    • Asset tags
    • Serial number
    • Production dates
  • P.O. information
    • P.O number
    • Product number
    • Product description
    • Quantity