Holland Driver Ben Brewer Passes 3-Million-Mile Safe-Driving Milestone

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Holland professional driver Ben Brewer achieved the remarkable accomplishment of traveling over three million miles without a single collision. He joins an elite group of Holland drivers who’ve surpassed this impressive safety milestone, which is the equivalent of driving to the moon and back more than a dozen times.

“It’s hard to imagine the focus and skill it takes to accumulate a driving record of Ben’s caliber,” said Scott Ware, president of Holland. “We constantly encourage our drivers, dock hands and all employees to work safely, and that’s clearly something Ben took straight to heart. Getting our customers shipments delivered on time and in good condition is important, but there’s nothing more important than delivering them safely. On behalf of everyone at Holland, I’d like to thank Ben for the great job he does for our customers and for making the highways a safer place for all drivers.”

Ben, a linehaul driver at Holland’s Evansville, Indiana terminal, has been behind the wheel for over 44 years, the last 36 for Holland.

“Reaching three million safe miles shows the pride Ben takes in himself, in the job he does for our customers, and in being part of Holland,” said Jim Staats, the Evansville terminal manager. “It’s comforting to know there are outstanding drivers like Ben behind the wheel.”

Ben says: “Growing up, there were only a few things I wanted to do for a living. Driving a truck was Number One. I love my job. Stay completely focused on your driving, and you’ll arrive home safe every day.”

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