Celebrating An Injury-Free Year in Chicago

When Bruce Panzer joined the Chicago Terminal as the new Maintenance Manager last fall, he quickly discovered he’d joined a strong team of professionals who shared his commitment for safety. That commitment recently paid off as Bruce and the team celebrated a full year without a lost -time injury.

“We have a really good crew here in Chicago,” Bruce says. “They understand how important it is to take no chances on the job and always do things the right way. That helps ensure they’ll each go home as healthy as when they came to work, and that’s what working safely is all about.”

Daily safety briefings and a weekly safety culture meeting are important parts of avoiding accidents and injuries. Bruce also says he’s constantly on the lookout for standout safety activities that deserve recognition, as well as things that could be done more safely and require some corrective feedback.

“Anytime we reach a safety milestone like this, it’s important,” says Paul Childers, the Area Maintenance Manager covering 10 terminals, including Chicago. “These accomplishments are a great reminder that we can meet our safety goals as long as everyone works safely and looks out for one another.”

Holland’s Director of Safety, Doug Kilpatrick, couldn’t agree more.

“Every safety milestone deserves recognition,” Doug says. “Going a whole year without one lost-time injury requires a constant focus and tremendous commitment, ever hour, every day and every week. That’s how you build these safety records; one day at as time. Everyone at Holland benefits when a shop like Chicago does their part to avoid injuries and keep everyone safe.”

Bruce knows that the members of the Chicago garage understand the top priority is always to work safely and avoid taking any risks that could result in an injury.

Congratulations to Team Chicago! Here’s to reaching that two-year safety milestone!

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