TCS Awards and Achievements

Super Brands Award 2008-09
Mr.Saqib Hamdani, CEO, TCS PVT Ltd. received the coveted “SUPER BRANDS AWARD OF PAKISTAN 2008-09” from Javed Jabbar, Chairman & CEO, JJ Media Pvt Ltd at a recently held ceremony at a local club in Karachi.
Consumer Choice Award-2010
TCS VP-BPR & Special Projects, Mr. Jamil Ahmed, receives Consumer Choice Award-2010.
‘Brands of the Year’ Award
The quick adaptability, innovation, ambition and the right use of technology has developed TCS into a dynamic enterprise that has changed the way business is transacted in Pakistan, making TCS a household name in the process. This has won TCS the highly distinguished ‘Brand of the Year’ award presented by FPCCI for two years in a row in 2007 & 2008.
Brands Icon Award
TCS has won the Brands Icon Award in 2008.
ISO 9001:2000 Certification
TCS has attained ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Super Brands Pakistan Award
TCS has received endorsement by Super Brands Pakistan in 2007-08.
1st Telecom Excellence Award
Through the presentation of the 1st Telecom Excellence Award by the Federation Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) TCS was acknowledged in 2006 for its services rendered to the Telecom sector with regard to express, logistics, warehousing and distribution.
Award Presented by the UAE’s Pakistan Social & Cultural Organization
No less important was the Award presented by the UAE’s Pakistan Social & Cultural Organization and the Pakistan Citizens Organization to TCS in recognition of its earthquake relief efforts in 2005.
Earned Goodwill in Canada
In 2004, TCS earned a lot of goodwill in Canada when it volunteered to deliver educational books and equipment across a vast territory of rural Canada in habited by the Nishnawbe Aski Nation. The TCS action, which required the distribution of half a million items to far flung communities, was described by His Honour the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and the Queen’s formal representative in the province, James K. Bartleman, as “something the newest inhabitants of Canada have done for the oldest inhabitants of Canada.”
Chairman TCS at the UN General Assembly
In October 2003, the Chairman TCS had the honour to represent the Business Sector at the ‘High level Dialogue on Financing for Development’ during the 58th session of the UN General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York, focused on the eradication of poverty, achieving sustained economic growth, promoting sustainable development, and advancing a fully inclusive and equitable global economic order. This was a follow up to the UN Conference on the same issue held in Monterrey (Mexico) in March 2002.
TCS Business Model Quoted in Harvard Business School Case Study
In a historic first for Pakistan’s business sector, the dynamic business model of TCS was quoted in a case study undertaken by Harvard Business School in 2003 for its MBA course in ‘International Entrepreneurship’, and mentioned in its textbooks as the model of a highly effective company from the developing world.

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