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Tesco Direct select TNT Logistics for Home Delivery

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TNT Logistics UK has been awarded a five-year contract to operate two man home delivery services for the newly-launched Tesco Direct. The nationwide service will utilise dedicated Tesco Direct vehicles as well as TNT Logistics’ multi-user TNT Home fleet, which already delivers furniture and larger goods for other retailers.

Neil Ashworth, Supply Chain Director, at tesco.com, says TNT Logistics’ long-standing experience in home delivery was a key factor in awarding the company the business. “They are the ideal logistics partner for us as they have the expertise we require to ensure the deliveries are made as promised to our customers. In addition, through the use of the TNT Home fleet, they give us the flexibility to grow the business in a cost-effective way. As with all parts of the Tesco business, the focus upon customer service is paramount, and TNT have demonstrated an enthusiasm to work with us to make the customer experience amongst the best in the market.”

Tesco Direct will at the launch offer in excess of 8,000 product lines and about 1,000 of these will require the two-man home delivery service – from sofas and wardrobes, to home gyms and outdoor play equipment.

Customers can order through the tesco.com website, by telephone or by visiting the Tesco Direct desk located within selected Tesco stores.

The logistics operation will be run out of the brand new 38,000 sq metre National Distribution Centre at Crewe which TNT will manage on Tesco’s behalf and also utilise six home delivery platforms, from Glasgow to Exeter. Initially over 200 TNT staff will be employed on the operation increasing as sales volumes accelerate.

TNT Logistics has installed software systems, including its HDi home delivery system, Red Prairie’s DLx warehouse management system, Paragon route planning and PenPod for the collection of electronic signatures.

Neil Crossthwaite, Managing Director, TNT Logistics UK, says: “We look forward to working closely with Tesco Direct as they build this whole new business offering. Our team has experience in launching major home delivery supply chains from scratch and I am sure our partnership with Tesco Direct will be an outstanding success.”

“We look forward to expanding the operation as Tesco Direct wins more and more customers.   Through the resources of TNT Logistics, we can offer instant access to the expertise, IT systems, personnel and vehicles at precisely the level that suits Tesco Direct’s rate of growth.”

TNT Logistics’ other customers within the home delivery sector include House of Fraser, The Pier, Habitat and B&Q.

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TNT Freight Management Wins Global Prestigious Assignment by Electrolux

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TNT Freight Management has secured a large-scale global contract with Electrolux Global Logistics. Having had a cooperation within the Nordic countries, TNT will now handle all air-freight for Electrolux, from Asia to Europe, within Asia and from Europe to the rest of the world.

“To us this is obviously a very important business deal, not only for the Swedish organisation but for the entire Group,” says Mr. Jeff Hoogesteger, Managing Director of TNT Freight Management.

Previously the cooperation with Electrolux was limited to air-freight and some sea-freight to and from Sweden and a number of countries. Now TNT will handle all air-freight from Asia, Australia and Japan to Europe, and all air-freight from Europe to the rest of the world.  Also TNT will be responsible for all Electrolux´ air-freight within Asia and within Australia, except for shipments from Asia to Australia.

“Our knowledge of the structure and business of Electrolux has been to our advantage in the procurement process,” says Kenneth Dahlgren, Global Account Manager at TNT Freight Management. “We are also well advanced in e-services and with our ‘Global Control Tower’ in Europe. Furthermore we have the internal processes required to implement such a complex, global system as this. Now we must make it operational within 90 days,” Dahlgren continues.

“TNT Freight Management is a well renowned operator in the international air-freight market,” says Mr. Björn Vang Jensen, Vice President, Intercontinental Freight and Logistics Services, Electrolux.  “We are impressed by their structured and disciplined attitude and their willingness to work with Electrolux to arrive at a competitive and cost-efficient solution according to our requirements. We look forward to working with TNT Freight Management on the implementation and hopefully in a future expansion of the partnership”, Mr. Björn Vang Jensen says.

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TNT confirms position on net proceeds at completion from sale of logistics activities

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In reaction to press coverage, TNT confirms the expected net proceeds of the announced sale of its logistics activities to lie between € 1.2 billion and € 1.3 billion at completion. A further description on the basis of what has been stated and explained on announcement is summarised below:

The transaction value of the sale is € 1,480 million, on a cash and debt  free basis, of which € 15 million will be received in the form of a 5% equity  stake in the new company. The estimated net proceeds to be received by TNT at  completion are in the range of € 1.2 billion – € 1.3 billion.

The difference between the expected net proceeds and the total transaction value reflects deductions by the buyer for finance leases, pension and other  employee liabilities, and various costs for separation and re-branding, leading  to payment at completion of around € 1.3 billion. TNT currently expects to incur various  other deal related expenses (including tax) of up to € 100 million, bringing the estimated net proceeds in the range € 1.2 billion to € 1.3  billion.

The external group facility of around € 220 million, disclosed in TNT’s  2005 annual report as a current loan, allocated to TNT Logistics Canada, will expire and will be redeemed by TNT before completion. The estimated € 1.2 billion to € 1.3 billion net proceeds are therefore  freely available to TNT for allocation after completion, including the announced share repurchase of up to € 1 billion.

The estimated book result on the transaction at completion is expected to be close to neutral, before the various other deal related costs. Note that all figures can only be calculated definitively  after completion, based on completion accounts including provisions, as is customary in transactions of this size.

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TNT tests the electric Renault Kangoo Z.E. in Paris

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6 April 2012 – TNT Express is testing the new Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. for inner city deliveries in Paris. This 100% electric Renault offers a capacity of 3 m³ and is able to drive up to 130 km on a single charge. The one-month test will show TNT how the Kangoo Van Z.E. works in real operation conditions.

TNT Express France already operates 38 alternative fuel vehicles, including 8 electric vehicles, 22 electric tricycles and 8 biodiesel vehicles.

TNT Express opens new service point in Dhaka

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30 March 2012 – TNT Express has opened a new service point on Kemal Ataturk Avenue in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The outlet is located in Banani, a commercial and university district in the northern part of the city. It offers local businesses and residents cost effective solutions for sending documents and parcels to more than 200 countries. A specially-priced “Student Pack” is available to students who wish to apply to universities abroad. TNT Express already owns 17 service points in Bangladesh, where it started operations in 1983.

TNT Express opens new hub in Hong Kong

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22 March 2012 – TNT Express has opened a new regional hub in Hong Kong to improve its operations in the Pearl River Delta region (South China). The 7,380 square meter (80,000-square-foot) facility is designed to handle up to 600 tons of cargo per day. The hub is equipped with a dedicated customs clearance facility and advanced sorting systems, providing customers with better time-to-market capabilities. Eva Cheng, Secretary for Transport and Housing of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said: “The regional hub is a state-of-the-art logistics facility that will cater for the increasing cargo flow in the region as well as generating greater connectivity between Asia Pacific and Europe using Hong Kong as a base.”