TNT Freight Management Wins Global Prestigious Assignment by Electrolux


TNT Freight Management has secured a large-scale global contract with Electrolux Global Logistics. Having had a cooperation within the Nordic countries, TNT will now handle all air-freight for Electrolux, from Asia to Europe, within Asia and from Europe to the rest of the world.

“To us this is obviously a very important business deal, not only for the Swedish organisation but for the entire Group,” says Mr. Jeff Hoogesteger, Managing Director of TNT Freight Management.

Previously the cooperation with Electrolux was limited to air-freight and some sea-freight to and from Sweden and a number of countries. Now TNT will handle all air-freight from Asia, Australia and Japan to Europe, and all air-freight from Europe to the rest of the world.  Also TNT will be responsible for all Electrolux´ air-freight within Asia and within Australia, except for shipments from Asia to Australia.

“Our knowledge of the structure and business of Electrolux has been to our advantage in the procurement process,” says Kenneth Dahlgren, Global Account Manager at TNT Freight Management. “We are also well advanced in e-services and with our ‘Global Control Tower’ in Europe. Furthermore we have the internal processes required to implement such a complex, global system as this. Now we must make it operational within 90 days,” Dahlgren continues.

“TNT Freight Management is a well renowned operator in the international air-freight market,” says Mr. Björn Vang Jensen, Vice President, Intercontinental Freight and Logistics Services, Electrolux.  “We are impressed by their structured and disciplined attitude and their willingness to work with Electrolux to arrive at a competitive and cost-efficient solution according to our requirements. We look forward to working with TNT Freight Management on the implementation and hopefully in a future expansion of the partnership”, Mr. Björn Vang Jensen says.

Source: Press Release

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