Dachser Philosophy

DACHSER is characterized by a close, family-like team spirit of its employees. The principle is: Together we are DACHSER. Corporate management has set the following four significant goals: continued expansion as a family business, creation of new jobs, sustainable company politics, as well as the support of DACHSER’s corporate culture. These measures aim to guarantee the economic success, and therefore the future viability of the company.

We want to measurably increase the added value – and thereby the competitive advantage – for our customers with integrated, innovative and  industry-wide exceptional transport solutions. Our ability to think and act from the corporate perspective of the customer makes our company a valuable partner.

In addition, DACHSER supports the on-going advancement of new technologies and intelligent logistics concepts. Our employees are consistently and passionately engaged in finding the best possible solution for our customers. Through the combination of the excellent qualification of our employees and their significant willingness to learn, we create the foundation for the success of our customers in all the markets of the world.



DACHSER promotes the expertise, creativity, commitment and entrepreneurial responsibility of each individual. Only employees, who see themselves as co-entrepreneurs, are able to design intelligent logistics – that is efficient logistics solutions and processes – and make them useful for the customers.


As a worldwide company, we are conscious of the economic, environmental and social responsibilities of our actions. For this reason, we are not only deeply committed to a sustainable corporate policy but also act in accordance with it.

Team spirit

The “DACHSER SPIRIT” comprised of respect, loyalty and commitment toward a common goal is what binds shareholders, executive management, employees and customers together as one big “DACHSER family.”


DACHSER employees reflect the corporate values in their daily actions. They are honest, open, dependable and trustworthy in the interactions with their colleagues, customers and people in their private environment.

Respect for other cultures

As a logistics services provider with worldwide locations, we place the highest value on an open-minded approach to foreign cultures and their people. Being curious about unfamiliar customs and having sympathy and understanding for other ways of life is the best foundation for intercultural exchange and trustful cooperation.

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