Aramex Frequently Asked Questions

Aramex Frequently Asked Questions

1. Aramex Return Service
Aramex Return is a service by Aramex that allows customers to send a document and/or parcel with Aramex where it needs a certain signature or any other action and then needs to be returned to the shipper.

2. Aramex Domestic
Aramex Domestic is the service of shipping and delivering documents and parcels within your country.

3. Aramex Express Value-Added services
Aramex Express offers the following valued-added services:

– Collect charges
– Cash on Delivery
– Free Domicile
– Signature Required

4. Tracking my shipments
You can easily track your shipment(s) by entering the Waybill numbers into the text boxes in the Aramex Tracking page,. Alternatively, you can call your Aramex office and ask for a status update for your shipment(s).

5. Sending an Express shipment with Aramex
There are many ways to ship with Aramex:

– You can go to the Online Shipping page and prepare your shipment there.
– You can download our free ClicktoShip software from the downloads page and use the software to prepare your shipments at the time of your convenience.
– You can call your local Aramex office (use the Office Locator for contact info) and ask for a shipment pickup.
– You can drop your shipment at the nearest Aramex office.

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