Aramex Prohibited Items – International Express

Why are some items prohibited? It’s very important not to ship prohibited and dangerous items as Express shipments. While some may initially appear harmless, under certain conditions they can easily become dangerous. Air and temperature changes, for example, could cause a prohibited item to leak, ignite or explode.

Dangerous Goods are goods or substances which can pose a threat to health, safety or the environment and are not allowed to be shipped as Express shipments.

Prohibited items are goods that are not allowed under the provisions of any law, notices, order or system issued by a legally authorized agency, and therefore can’t enter the country.

Restricted items Restricted Items are related to commodity, value, quantity and local country laws and regulations. These goods require approval from the designated authorities prior to importing into a country.

For more info, please download this file: Prohibited and Restricted items – International Express.

If prohibited items are found, Aramex will either:

1. Hold the shipment in a safe location pending further instructions
2. Discard the shipment
3. Handover the shipment to the appropriate local authorities
4. Return the shipment (if possible)

Many countries have additional local restrictions, prohibitions and acceptance processes for certain commodities to be shipped. Shipments are subject to inspection and possible delays by customs or representatives of other government authorities. It is the shipper´s responsibility to comply with current government regulations or laws applicable in each country. Please refer to the Country Information page to check the prohibited/restricted items by country.

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