Estes Million-Mile Driver Teaches Students About Safe Driving

Feb 20, 2020 – ALBANY, GA—Students at a Georgia high school got some safe driving tips last month from an Estes truck driver who has driven 1.5 million miles accident-free.

Hernando Waters, who has driven for Estes for 20 years, visited Monroe High School in Albany, Georgia on January 28th to talk to students about how to stay safe behind the wheel. Waters has been driving eighteen-wheelers for 24 years, and hoped his visit would help bring safety awareness to kids on the road: “I have kids and I understand how it feels for your kids to get out on the road–you worry about them,” Waters said. “The main thing is that you want them to get home safe.”

Waters spoke to the high school students about dangerous driving he’s witnessed, as well as some unsafe driving situations he’s been forced to handle from behind the wheel: “You see people riding down the road putting on makeup, reading books, on the computer, and it happens, I’ve seen it,” said Waters. In his talk, Waters spoke to the students about the importance of staying focused and aware of their surroundings while on the road. He also gave them a brief introduction to the world of truck driving, and explained how they could get involved.