AAA Cooper Transportation® Awarded 2017 Regional Carrier of the Year by Worldwide Express

Recognized for the 11th consecutive year as the “Best in Class”, AAA Cooper Transportation® was presented with the 2017 Regional Carrier of the Year award at the 20th Annual Conference of Worldwide Express Convention held in San Diego, California on April 27, 2017.

Mike Grayson, Senior Vice President of Operations, Worldwide Express, introduced AAA Cooper Transportation® as the carrier that needed no introduction. Worldwide Express recognizes AAA Cooper Transportation® as a long term, perennial partner that delivers exceptional value with their customer base.

Steve Martin, Greg Lyskoski and Dirk Willett accepted the award at the annual conference on behalf of AAA Cooper Transportation®. AAA Cooper Transportation® never takes these awards for granted, acknowledging that we would celebrate this award throughout AAA Cooper Transportation® as a means by which to further motivate our engaged employees to continually deliver an outstanding experience on behalf of Worldwide Express.

Let’s celebrate another year of outstanding service with Worldwide Express.


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