Yang Ming Sets Up Central and South America Regional Center in Panama

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation has established a new 100% owned subsidiary in Panama, Yang Ming (Latin America) Corp., to conduct the “Central and South America Regional Center”. The new company begins to provide all services on 8th June 2017 in Panama office. Mr. Wen-Jin Lee is officially nominated as the first tenure of President.

Viewing the moderate growth of South America, THE Alliance deploys larger ships to transit the new Panama Canal and adding more ports of call to Caribbean Sea, the potentiality of South America and Caribbean Sea markets helps Yang Ming to set up its owned company to perform as the Regional Center. This Regional Center is responsible for the management of Yang Ming’s network of agencies there to centralize pricing, operations, equipment control, slot and feeder arrangement in the heart of Panama city, governing the territory from Mexico and the Southern countries. Through the relocation of the management frame, Yang Ming expects to gradually expand the market share and the business scale in this region and to reduce the operation costs significantly.

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