Holland Professional Driver Michael Finn Reaches 3-Million-Mile Safety Milestone

Holland professional driver Michael Finn recently logged his 3 millionth consecutive mile without a single preventable collision. This makes Finn one of just 17 active Holland drivers to have reached this incredible safety milestone.

The 3-million-mile record is an exceedingly rare accomplishment that places Finn among a small, elite group of professional drivers. To help lend some perspective to this record, driving 3 million miles is equivalent to making 6 round trips to the moon, or circumnavigating the globe at the equator over 116 times.

“We are extremely proud of Mike and this incredible achievement,” said Scott Ware, Holland President. “This record represents decades of constant vigilance and unwavering professionalism behind the wheel. That dedication makes our highways safer, and helps Holland deliver award-winning service to our customers. We would like to congratulate Mike on this accomplishment, and we thank him for his continued commitment to safety.”

Finn has been driving professionally for 36 years–the past 30 of which he’s spent with Holland. He operates as a linehaul driver out of the Holland Birch Run, MI service center, and makes the 450-mile roundtrip to South Bend, IN and back 5 days per week. His route takes him through one of the country’s most challenging snowbelts, making his record even more impressive.

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