Holland Professional Driver Nathaniel “Wayne” Greer Reaches 3-Million-Mile Safety Milestone

HOLLAND, Mich., Jan. 27, 2017 – Holland professional driver Nathaniel “Wayne” Greer has reached the prestigious safety milestone of 3 million consecutive miles driven without a single preventable collision. This makes Greer one of just 17 active Holland drivers to have reached this incredible safety milestone.

To help lend some perspective to Greer’s accomplishment, driving 3 million miles is equivalent to making 6 round trips to the moon or circumnavigating the globe at the equator over 116 times. According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, it would take the average American driver over 220 years to log that many miles. In that time, the average driver would also be involved in over 13 accidents.

“Professional drivers face a lot of challenges on the open road,” said Scott Ware, Holland President. “Every mile requires an immense amount of skill, professionalism and dedication in order to remain safe. So, it would be impossible to overstate the significance of Wayne Greer’s accomplishment. Professionals like him not only help to make Holland great, they also help make our highways safer for everyone. We are extremely proud of Wayne’s achievement, and thankful for his continued commitment to safety.”

Greer has been driving professionally for 35 years and has spent the past 27 years with Holland. He currently operates as a linehaul driver out of the Holland Grand Rapids, MI service center. His 3-million-mile record represents only the miles he has accumulated during his time with Holland. However, Greer has maintained a safe driving record for the entirety of his 35-year career, amounting to over 3.5 million. In 2016, Greer was selected as a finalist for The Michigan Trucking Association’s Driver of the Year Award.

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