Dicom launches smart4 shipping as part of the new smart4 technology suite


New shipping system leverages the latest in development technology.

Dorval, January 18th, 2017 – Dicom Transportation Group, a North American leader in integrated transportation services, today announced the launch of a new shipping system that leverages the latest in development technology. smart4 shipping is a newly developed platform that drastically improves the customers’ shipping experience by enabling efficient domestic and cross border shipments, leveraging mobile technologies, and providing a variety of essential reporting tools and visually engaging dashboards.

“This innovation will allow customers to process Dicom shipments much faster than on the competitors’ shipping systems. The system will also provide real-time information on cost estimates, reports, and dashboards,” said Scott Dobak, Dicom’s Chief Executive Officer. “This innovation was a team effort built on behalf of our customers in the United States and Canada.”

Technological advancements like these are just some of the innovations at Dicom, both in Canada and the United States. Dicom has invested heavily in developing transportation technologies over the past several years in an effort to continually enhance the customer experience. Four technology-based patents, including smart4 shipping, have been filed in 2016, and customers can expect to see more innovations in the coming months.

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