A. Duie Pyle expands its Protect From Freeze services for this winter


Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – WEST CHESTER, Pa. – A. Duie Pyle, a provider of asset and non-asset-based transportation and supply chain solutions in the Northeast, has expanded its Protect From Freeze (PFF) service for the 2016-2017 winter season.

During the year Pyle added 40 new heated and insulated trailers to its fleet, making Pyle’s PFF fleet of 500 heated/insulated trailers the largest in the region.

Pyle’s PFF less-than-truckload service enables customers to ship water-based products with full protection from freezing temperatures, according to COO Randy Swart.

“Supply chains experience a unique set of challenges in the Northeast including the impacts of congestion and weather,” Swart said. “During the winter season our customers depend on our experience in the region and our investments in equipment, infrastructure, training and technology to ensure temperature-sensitive shipments are protected from freezing.”

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