Estes Express Lines Announces 2016 General Rate Increase, California Compliance Surcharge

RICHMOND, VA (October 4, 2016)—Throughout our 85-year history, Estes has remained committed to providing customers with superior, reliable and fairly-priced service. We consistently achieve this goal by building strong teams, capitalizing on technology and maintaining fiscal stability to ensure we’ll be here to serve customers for the next 85 years.

To continue our steady financial discipline and reliable service, we are implementing an increase on our current EXLA 500 and 550 tariffs with an overall impact of 4.9%. We are also adjusting certain accessorial charges in our EXLA 105 Rules Tariff. The effective date for all changes is Monday, October 17, 2016.

The amended 105 Rules Tariff also includes Item 366, a provision for a California Compliance Surcharge of $5.90 per shipment to offset the added cost of doing business in the state. This applies to all shipments originating from or destined to California but does not apply to SureMove shipments (household moving services) or freight traveling through California with other origins and destinations such as Hawaii.


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