Holland Honored with Echo Global Logistics Platinum Award for Outstanding Regional LTL Carriers’ Service

HOLLAND, Mich., Aug. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Holland, a transportation industry leader in next-day delivery, has been honored by Echo Global Logistics with their 2015 Platinum Award for Outstanding Regional LTL Carriers’ Service. Holland best met Echo Global’s quality standards and consistently rose to the highest levels with both Echo Global’s shippers and personnel by demonstrating outstanding service, commitment and performance to their customers and employees. This is the sixth time that Echo has presented Holland with an award, but it is the first time for Holland to receive their highly prestigious Platinum Award.

“We greatly value this Platinum Award recognition from Echo Global Logistics,” says Scott Ware, Holland President. “We know the service quality standards of Echo Global Logistics are in our hands when we pick up and deliver their shipments. Holland employees take personal pride in providing quality customer service for Echo Global Logistics, and for all customers who call on Holland for their regional transportation needs.”

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