Holland Picks Up When Other Carrier Falls Down

[07.06.16] From Holland Headlines. Ben Craine doesn’t call just any carrier to transport his shipments. He relies on just three LTL carriers to deliver his packaging paper to the distributors he supplies. As the owner of B. H. Craine Company in Farmington Hills, MI, he prefers to build long-term relationships with a small group of suppliers. Recently, though, one of those carriers let him down.

“They missed a pickup and said they wouldn’t be able to get it our distributor on time,” Ben recalls. “Our distributors have hard deadlines with their customers, and without this shipment, this distributor’s customer wouldn’t have the paper needed to pack and deliver their products. I called Josh at Holland, and he had a truck at my dock in less than an hour.”

Josh Anderson, Holland Inside Sales Representative at Holland company headquarters in Holland, Michigan, says most of the credit for making that pickup goes to the dispatcher at the Detroit terminal.

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