Holland Grand Rapids and Chicago Garages Celebrate Safety Records

Grand Rapids Sets an Impressive Safety Record

[07.20.16] From Holland Headlines. The Holland Grand Rapids Maintenance Shop (Garage) is the largest in our system. There are more people doing more work on more vehicles here than in any other Holland shop. Despite all of that activity, the 31-member Grand Rapids maintenance team recently accomplished the amazing feat of going two years without a single lost-time injury.

“If you do the math based on the number of people in the Grand Rapids shop, they worked over 100,000 hours without a lost-time injury,” says Holland Area Maintenance Manager Paul Childers. “That is an amazing record by any standard. It’s a credit to the safety mindset Shop Manager Pete Holzgen creates in the shop, and to every member of his team. Their safety record proves you can do a great job of maintaining a fleet, keeping our trucks on the roads, and going home injury-free every day.”

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