Get Your Bases Covered With Holland

[06.29.16] From Holland Headlines. Ship with Holland and have peace of mind knowing your shipments are delivered by the next-day transportation experts. Our industry-leading speed, reliability, expertise and quality customer service have helped us to deliver home run confidence to our customers since 1929.

Single: No one handles your shipment with more care than Holland. We consistently outperform the industry average with our 99.9% damage-free delivery.* Fewer damaged or lost shipments mean fewer disruptions to your supply chain, lower administrative costs and greater customer satisfaction.

Double: Holland has 10% more next-day lanes than any competitor.** We have an intense focus on the central U.S. and Canada. Holland has a greater next-day reach with 57 service centers and more next-day destinations than any carrier in our service area.

Triple: We are built for reliable next-day delivery with employees who want to hit it out of the park! We work hard to be part of your team every step of the way.


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