Team Holland Makes Remarkable Memories for Terminally Ill St. Louis Child

Holland granted the wish of riding in a big rig to five-year-old Hayden Bentley Brown recently diagnosed with a terminal brain disease. The event happened on Sunday, April 3 at the Holland St. Louis Terminal at 24 Gateway Commerce Center Dr., Edwardsville, IL.

A native of Alton, IL, Hayden was diagnosed with Metavhromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), an inherited disorder that damages the nervous system. People suffering from the disease lose the ability to walk, talk, see, hear and will eventually become paralyzed.

In hopes of making the best of the time they have left with Hayden, his family has put together a “make remarkable memories” bucket list. Hayden loves cars, superheroes, baseball hats and trucks. All of the things he loves were present on Sunday and then some!

Hayden’s father, John “Parts Guy” Brown, said his son is already starting to live life backward, slowly losing the ability to walk and see. So the family is trying to fill Hayden’s life with great memories, including rides in as many interesting and exciting vehicles as possible.


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