Aramex Acquires Australian Mail Call Couriers


The leader of world logistics, Aramex has announced the acquisition of Australian company Mail Call Couriers, a leader in courier services for metro express deliveries. This new acquisition will strengthen the power base of Aramex in the Asia-Pacific region, allowing better capabilities for fast deliveries in Australia through its own technology base.

Mail Call Couriers is one of the leading express courier companies on the metropolitan markets of Australia, possessing a strong brand and reputation. Its strong brand and great local reputation for customer-focused technology and efficiency are well-known around the country. Since its founding back in 1982, Mail Call has been doing a wonderful job on the market with its “WantItNow” method of delivery, with an incredible 3 hour and evening delivery speed.

Consumers in Australia are buying a rising amount of goods from overseas thanks to e-commerce, with a steadily growing market of such products and services. The e-commerce market of Australian customers has been on the rise, with more than $7 billion rise in purchases, sourcing products and services from the Asia Pacific area.

Since Australia is the fourth largest market on the Asia-Pacific region, Aramex will have a strong chance to expand its influence across it, as well as to take advantage of the rising demand of Australian consumers across the board. With Mail Call Couriers now owned by Aramex, they will have a chance to further grow and benefit from its own strong record on the market as well as its management team. The company will allow a further expansion on the market and access to European, US and Asia Pacific regions for e-commerce in Australia, applying the “WantItNow” technology to other markets across the globe under the hat of Aramex. Now that the acquisition is complete, the customers of both Aramex and Mail Call Couriers will have a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds in the future.

The Joint Managing Director of Mail Call Couriers, Emma Cronin shared that they are proud of their business, founded more than three decades ago. The acquisition will allow customers to benefit from the international scale and expertise of Aramex’s massive global network while at the same time allowing them to enjoy some more personally-tailored services.

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