DSV transports visionaries

Two teachers are driving across the world in a tuk-tuk to promote education.

Two British teachers, Nick Gough and Rich Sears, began their trip around the world in August last year. They have now travelled from England through Europe, down the African continent and across India and further through Asia in a tiny open-sided 395cc tuk-tuk with a top speed of 50 km/h.

Nick and Rich promote education by visiting exceptional projects managed by local people around the world. They blog about the projects on their website and talk about them in the media to gather attention and thus funding. Visit their website www.tuktuktravels.com for more detailed information.

A little help across the oceans

After slowly travelling down through Africa from November to March, the two British travellers met DSV South Africa in Cape Town – their final destination on the African continent before continuing their adventure in India and Asia. After Nick and Rich had said a fond goodbye to their tuk-tuk, which they have named Tommy Tempo, we at DSV packed, crated and shipped it to Mumbai, where the adventure continued.

‘When we heard about the tuk-tuk project, we decided to help Nick and Rich by shipping their tiny vehicle where it cannot drive – across the world’s oceans,’ says Peter Larsen, Vice President of DSV Air & Sea Holding A/S.

Rich and Nick met with our local employees on their arrival in Mumbai. It quickly turned out that Tommy the tuk-tuk was built in India by Piaggio.

We contacted Piaggio, one of DSV’s customers, and they hosted a visit to the factory – Tommy’s birthplace. And Piaggio decided to offer free service for the intrepid tuk-tuk team all through India.

After almost a month on the roads of India Nick and Rich finished this part of their world tour. From there DSV India shipped Tommy to Singapore where they all arrived in July this year.

‘Charity is a big part of Indian culture, both privately and in the workplace, so we were happy for this opportunity to help. We are impressed with the vision and results these guys are getting, and glad to support the cause,’ says Michael Carstensen, Managing Director of DSV Air & Sea in India.

The journey continues through Asia to Singapore and Bangkok in Thailand. The tuk-tuk is now packed in a container and on its way across the Pacific to meet up with Nick and Rich in Colombia.