New On Time Office in India – Hyderabad

Dear Business Partners,

As you know, On Time has a presence in India, with six offices, covering all major production and trading hubs in the entire country.
Our main gateway stations are located in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. We operate Air & Ocean consolidation from these hubs to all major overseas destinations. On Time India offices in Pune, Tuticorin and Hyderabad, cover the respective areas from sales and customer service point of view. A motivated workforce of more than 105 staff throughout India is at your disposal to move your goods to and from these growing markets. At the gateway offices, an experienced team of custom house-broker ensures that your imports into India are cleared swiftly and professionally.
Recently we have started our Sales office in HYDERABAD; keeping in view the city is growing rapidly. Major Pharmaceutical and I.T. companies are based in Hyderabad.
Please find below a brief profile of On Time in Hyderabad:
Services offered
·        Air freight Inbound / Outbound
·        Sea freight Inbound / Outbound
·        Door to Door service
·        Customs Brokerage
·        Break Bulk
·        Multimodal
For any enquiries with regards to India Hyderabad please feel free to contact Mr. Mohd Shamsuddin at[email protected]
Best regards,
The On Time Group