Unique in international shipping: with DPD consignees specify the day of delivery

  • Predict is now available for shipping between Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Slovakia
  • DPD is the first parcel service provider in the industry to provide interactive notification of delivery and specify the delivery time window for international shipments, too
  • DPD planning to extend the service throughout Europe in response to rapid growth in international e-commerce

Aschaffenburg, 1 October 2012 – International parcel and express service provider DPD is expanding its Predict service and offering a solution for international shipping which is unique within the industry: for the first time consignees of international parcels can now specify the day on which their parcel is to be delivered. In addition they are notified of the time window during which their parcel will arrive. After establishing Predict in Germany and many other European countries DPD is now also making the service available for international shipping between Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Slovakia.

“Together with the growth in cross-border distance selling, the need for convenient services for the consignors and consignees of international shipping is also growing”, explains DPD CEO Arnold Schroven. “Thanks to our international Predict service shippers of cross-border parcels can provide their customers with a unique offer. DPD now plans to extend this unique service to more European countries”.

With the innovative new Predict service consignees receive, depending on what they have specified, either an email or a text message on their mobile phone informing them when their parcel will be delivered. If the delivery date is not convenient for the consignee, he or she can use a standardised reply to postpone the delivery. DPD offers consignees at least three alternative delivery days. And to ensure that consignees do not have to wait all day for their parcel, DPD informs them on the morning of the delivery day about the time window during which the shipment will probably arrive. Currently this lies between two and six hours.

“Predict ensures satisfied consignees”, comments DPD CEO Schroven. “Most consignees prefer to have the goods they order delivered to their home. And if they can specify when the goods are to arrive, they are also sure to be at home during this time.”

Successful first delivery means fewer returns

Thanks to this communication with consignees DPD can reduce the number of unsuccessful delivery attempts to private households significantly, which saves time and unnecessary journeys during delivery operations, and consequently CO2 emissions. “Because successful first delivery attempts reduce the number of returns in distance selling, shippers have welcomed the service with enthusiasm,” states Mr Schroven, adding: “In addition this international service is very much in line with the EU’s intention to further promote international e-commerce.”