Wilson Trucking Mission & Vision

Our Mission
It is the mission of Wilson Trucking Corporation to set the standard of excellence in the trucking industry by providing outstanding customer service to all of our internal and external customers. Wilson Trucking Corporation has established specific goals. They are:

• To conduct a growing, profitable and ethical transportation operation.
• To maintain our leadership in all areas of service, methods and progress.
• To build public confidence and a continuing friendly relationship for our services through sound business practices, effective selling, and personal contacts.
• To provide good jobs, working conditions, wages and opportunities in exchange for loyalty, initiative, skill, care and effort.
• To adapt Company services, facilities and policies to meet our civic and economic responsibilities.

Wilson Trucking Corporation will foster customer loyalty by presenting a united front to achieve and surpass our customers’ expectations, as well as meeting our own goal of excellence in the trucking industry.

Commitment to Excellence
We are committed to excellence through…

Founded in 1926 to meet the need for more consistent and reliable cargo transportation, Wilson’s legacy of unparalleled service continues today. Our experience and willingness to change as the needs of our customers have changed is the primary reason for Wilson’s success.


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Wilson’s workforce of highly dedicated people is our most important asset. We go to extraordinary lengths to train our employees to be the best, most efficient and customer focused people in the business! Wilson relies heavily on the latest technology to provide the most reliable, consistent level of service and information you need to effectively compete in today’s marketplace.


Wilson has long been recognized as one of the southeast’s premier service carriers. Next day delivery within 500 to 600 miles of any two points in the southeast is supported by our network of terminals. For years our loss and damage prevention programs have often resulted in the receipt of the industry’s highest awards for performance. Wilson has been honored with numerous customer appreciation awards for Quality.


With over eight decades of profitability, Wilson Trucking’s financial status provides stability necessary for long-term security in the competitive business environment. The Wilson fleet and terminal network is company-owned and operated.


Wilson is a Quality driven corporation, and as such, takes pride in meeting your individual needs. Offering various transportation solutions from LTL, Expedited, container handling, International importing/exporting, and private fleet management, Wilson can customize a solution to fit every supply chain component.

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