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Vitran Mobile App is NOW available

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Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are important business tools which enhance productivity, communication, collaboration, engagement and customer service. Vitran understands the power of mobile technology and introduces an app in both Android and Apple platform to help customers to better manage their business anytime, anywhere.

  • The app is designed to be a faster alternative to online tools in the Vitran website
  • 24 x 7 anywhere around the globe, you can place a Pickup order, Request Spot quote/Rate Lookup, Trace a shipment or email Proof of Delivery to your customer

The mobile app, Vitrac, is NOW available on Android devices through the Google Play store and iPhone/iPad through the Apple Store, please download the app to your mobile device and start being proactive to your business needs.

Read more at www.vitran.com

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Alberta Provincial Carbon Levy

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Effective January 1st, 2017 the province of Alberta will implement a Carbon Levy on all fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gas emissions when combusted. This Carbon Levy is in addition to current provincial and federal government fees currently included in the cost of fuel. This Levy is being phased in over a two year period. It will add 5.35 cents per litre to our fuel cost in 2017 and will increase to 8.03 cents per litre in 2018.

Our current pricing and fuel surcharge program will not offset these additional costs. Due to this government imposed Carbon Levy we are forced to pass this cost on as an additional Carbon Surcharge.

While the Levy takes effect January 1st, 2017 we will start applying the Alberta Carbon Surcharge effective February 1st, 2017. The surcharge will be assessed on any shipments that are origin, destined, or pass through the province of Alberta. The surcharge will be .9 % of freight charges to a maximum of $ 6.75 per shipment and will appear as a separate line item on your invoice.

If you have any questions regarding the application of this fee, contact your local Account Executive.

For more information on the Alberta Carbon Levy you can visit the Government of Alberta website www.alberta.ca/climate-carbon-pricing.aspx

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Vitran Express would like to announce some modifications to our Tariff Rules

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Vitran Express would like to announce some modifications to our Tariff Rules effective Monday, October 8. Item 575 Linear Foot Minimum Charge – Shipments utilizing 20 to 28 linear feet of a trailer will be charged the LTL price subject to the greater of $500 or $2.60 per mile, plus fuel. 29 feet to 53 feet is charged the LTL price subject to a minimum of $4.60 per mile or $750, plus fuel. Item 611 Minimum Charge Density – For a shipment occupying 750 cubic feet or more, the minimum charge will be computed using the customer’s base rate and discount at class 100 regardless of the actual class or FAK. The weight to use is calculated by multiplying the cubic feet used by 6 pounds per cubic foot. Item 997 Articles Exceeding 12 Linear Feet – Items exceeding 12 and up to 20 linear feet will be assessed an additional charge of $75. Articles over 20 feet and up to 28 feet will be charged $150.