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Maersk Line, MSC and HMM enter strategic cooperation

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The cooperation is a combination of slot exchanges and purchases between the three parties. Maersk Line and MSC will also take over a number of charters and operations of vessels.
Dear Customer.

We are pleased to inform you that Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has announced a new cooperation.

The cooperation is outside the scope of MSC and Maersk Line’s 2M vessel sharing agreement on the East-West Network; however, it will provide HMM access to parts of the East-West network. There will be no vessel operations by HMM on existing and future 2M strings.

Your will get access to an improved Pacific product

For Maersk Line’s customers, the cooperation will provide new, exciting opportunities, particularly in the Pacific trade where you will get access to strong HMM products.

HMM will purchase slots on the 2M network from Asia to North Europe, Asia to Mediterranean and Asia to the US East Coast. On HMM services from Asia to the US West Coast, HMM will continue to operate on their own.

2M cargo will however only be loaded onto HMM vessels with customers’ express agreement – and only on the HMM operated service that is part of the Asia to US West Coast slot swap agreement. These HMM services are not part of the 2M network today.

Subject to regulatory approval

The agreement is scheduled to begin in April 2017 subject to regulatory approval. The agreement has a duration of 3 years.

We are committed to keeping you updated and will provide you with information as it becomes available. As always, we appreciate your business and will continue to serve you with the scale, stability and expertise you need to realise your ambitions.

Maersk Line

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Maersk Line reports a third quarter loss of USD 116 million

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Maersk Line’s average freight rate decreased by 16% year-on-year, but was up 5.5% compared to previous quarter.

  • The Q3 2016 loss of USD 116 million is USD 380 million lower than Q3 2015 (USD 264 million)
  • Revenue was USD 5,359 million – 11% lower than Q3 2015 (USD 6,018 million)
  • Maersk Line’s average freight rate decreased by 16% compared to Q3 2015. But increased 5.5% compared to the last quarter, Q2 2016
  • Maersk Line’s volumes grew by 11% to 2,698k FFE (2,427k FFE)
  • Return on invested capital was -2.3% (5.2%) and below target
  • Unit cost decreased by 13.8%
  • EBIT-margin gap to peers is 8%-points for Q2 2016 – in line with +5%-points target
  • Maersk Line still expects an underlying result significantly below last year (USD 1.3bn) and specifically a negative underlying result for 2016

Maersk Line reported a third quarter (Q3) 2016 result that is USD 380 million lower than Q3 2015. The overriding reason for the loss is decline in freight rates compared to Q3 2015. Revenue in Q3 was USD 5,359 million, which is 11% lower than Q3 2015 (USD 6,018 million).

Volumes were 11% higher as Maersk Line was able to win market share. Amongst others due to increased volumes following, Hanjin’s court receivership filing, increasing customer focus on financially solid carriers and increased volumes on back haul services.

Maersk Line’s capacity grew 3.8%. Maersk Line continues to manage capacity tightly resulting in high utilisation.

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Maersk Line orders 14,800 new reefer containers

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2016 reefer investments to lower average age of reefer fleet to 7.9 year.

Maersk Line has ordered 14,800 reefer containers in 2016. This investment is driving the average age of its reefer container fleet down to 7.9 years – well below industry average. All reefers feature built-in Remote Container Management (RCM) technology – a key component in Maersk Line’s plans to offer its customers enhanced supply chain visibility in 2017.

Bremen 28 September 2016

Maersk Line’s 2016 investments in new reefer container equipment are adding 14,800 reefers to the world’s largest reefer fleet of more than 270,000 containers. While part of the reefers replace older equipment, the investment will expand the reefer fleet and cater for Maersk Line’s future growth in the reefer segment.

Adding to the 30,000 reefers acquired in 2015, the investments lowers the average age of Maersk Line’s reefer fleet to 7.9 years. This is significantly below the industry average of 12 years as recently reported by Drewry.

Read more at www.maerskline.com

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Maersk Line announces new Transpacific service

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Maersk Line is introducing a new service between Asia and the United States West Coast.

Copenhagen, 7 September 2016 – In response to the changing market situation on the Transpacific trade, Maersk Line is introducing a new service between Asia and the United States West Coast. The TP1 service will complement Maersk Line’s existing product portfolio on the Transpacific. The first sailing is scheduled for 15 September.

“We are responding to increased demand in the Transpacific. With supply chains disrupted, many customers are approaching us for transport solutions for their cargo. The TP1 service is a stable, long term solution to meet our customers’ needs,” says Klaus Rud Sejling, Head of Maersk Line’s East-West Network.

The TP1 service will be calling Yantian, Shanghai, Busan and Los Angeles/Long Beach. It will have six (6) vessels with a capacity of 4000 TEU per week deployed. The TP1 service will be part of the 2M network.

Read more at www.maerskline.com

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Maersk Line voted Global Ocean Freight Carrier of the year 2013

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Global forwarder DHL has named Maersk Line carrier of the year for DHL Global Forwarding 2013.

The result was clear after DHL conducted a global survey in all their frontline offices in order to obtain feedback on carriers’ performance in a host of different areas such as sales and customer service quality, responsiveness, speed to market, competitiveness, service delivery and reliability.

Likewise, DHL asked their regional procurement offices in Bremen, Singapore, Miami and New Jersey for their assessment of carrier cooperation. A third survey was launched to evaluate the CO2 footprint and general sustainability measures provided by the DHL carrier partners.

In all 3 surveys Maersk Line came out on top and won the Global Carrier Award 2013.
Maersk Line even increased the distance to runner up MSC. Hapag-Lloyd kept the spot as number while CMA-CGM and NYK were closing in.

“We hereby would like to congratulate Maersk Line on this achievement. We would like to thank you too for the continued support of the global carrier strategy 2013 and will inform you shortly of the new carrier landscape 2014,” said Executive Vice President of Global Ocean Freight, Andreas Bödeker, at the award ceremony. Maersk Line’s Chief Trade and Marketing Officer Vincent Clerc accepted the award on behalf of Maersk Line.

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CMA CGM, Maersk Line, MSC to Establish Alliance for service Improvement

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CMA CGM, Maersk Line and MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA have agreed to establish a long-term operational alliance on East – West trades, called the P3 Network. The aim is to improve and optimize operations and service offerings.

The P3 Network will operate a capacity of 2.6 million TEU (initially 255 vessels on 29 loops) on three trade lanes: Asia – Europe, Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic.

While the P3 Network vessels will be operated independently by a joint vessel operating center, the three lines will continue to have fully independent sales, marketing and customer service functions.

Improving services for the customers

The P3 Network will provide customers with more stable, frequent and flexible services.

Each of the lines will offer more weekly sailings in their combined Network than they do individually. As an example, the P3 Network plans to offer 8 weekly sailings between Asia and Northern Europe. In addition the P3 Network will offer more direct ports of call.

The improved P3 Network is expected to reduce the disruptions for customers caused by cancelled sailings.

In order to provide customers with a consistent service offering across the Network, the lines will establish an independent joint vessel operating center.

 Need for efficiency

Declining volume growth and over-capacity in recent years have underlined the need to improve operations and efficiency in the industry. This has prompted the creation of other operational alliances such as G6 and CKYH. Using the P3 Network the lines expect to be able to improve their efficiency through better utilization of vessel capacity.

Subject to approval

The lines intend to start operations in the 2nd quarter of 2014, but the starting date will be subject to obtaining the approval of relevant competition and other regulatory authorities.

In addition, the establishment of the P3 Network is subject to the lines agreeing on definitive contracts. Finalization and signing of the contracts is planned for the 4th quarter of this year.

The P3 Network will based on existing capacities of each member, initially operate a capacity of 2.6 million TEU (255 vessels)

Maersk Line will contribute with approximately 42% of the capacity, of about 1.1 million TEU. MSC will contribute with approximately 34% of the capacity, of about 0.9 million TEU. CMA CGM will contribute with approximately 24% of the capacity, of about 0.6 million TEU of capacity. Vessels contributed to the P3 Network will continue to be owned and/or chartered by the lines.

Vincent Clarc

Chief Trade and Marketing Officer in Maersk Line, Vincent Clerc, on the P3 Network:

We are pleased with this principal agreement to establish the P3 alliance with CMA CGM and MSC.

In recent years, Maersk Line has taken many initiatives to improve on the customer and products side and this alliance will be yet another step in this drive. It will provide our customers on the main trades with attractive, stable services and our Triple-E vessels will be implemented in the network without adding to the overcapacity on Asia-Europe.

Fuel consumption will also be reduced with significant benefits for the environment, and our operations will get even more efficient and competitive.”

CMA CGM, Maersk Line, June 18, 2013

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Maersk Line wins Global Ocean Carrier of the Year

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On Thursday 24th October, Maersk Line was awarded “Global Ocean Carrier of the Year” at the Containerisation International annual awards luncheon at the Sheraton, Park Lane Hotel in London.

On Thursday 24th October, Maersk Line was awarded “Global Ocean Carrier of the Year” at the Containerisation International annual awards luncheon at the Sheraton, Park Lane Hotel in London.

Janet Porter, the Editor in Chief of Containerisation International said: “Containerisation International presented its global ocean carrier of the year award to Maersk Line, which has demonstrated leadership and innovation in raising service levels through initiatives such as its customer charter and Daily Maersk product, while taking action to cut costs with the planned P3 Network. Maersk also pioneered new ship technologies that are incorporated in its Triple-E vessels and set clear financial targets.”

Michael Woods, northern regional sales manager from Maersk Line in the UK, collected the award on behalf of the carrier. Maersk Line also hosted a table at the event, entertaining clients from JF Hillebrand, B&M Retail, Poundland, Warrant, Tradeway, SHS Group and Transocean.

Brian Godsafe, Managing Director of Maersk Line in the UK and Ireland, commented: “This award further stresses the progress that Maersk Line has achieved globally over the last 12 months. We have proved that it is possible to optimise for cost and at the same time be at the forefront of innovation on technology, environmental performance and customer service. With initiatives such as our customer charter and the upcoming P3 network I believe we are well positioned to deliver our customers’ promises in 2014.”

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Facts of damaged container aboard Maersk Kinloss

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On 17 July during operations aboard container ship Maersk Kinloss at the Port of Ilyichevsk, Ukraine, a single container under deck was found to have buckled, forcing its top open.

The container in question was loaded with aluminum phosphide and was stowed – in full compliance with the International Maritime Dangerous Cargo Code – in the hold just beneath a hatch to keep its contents dry.

Initial investigations by an independent surveyor suggest the cargo and container damage owed to humidity when packing the aluminium phosphide in air tight cans.

“Most probably water and/or damp air have come to contact with the cargo during the container stuffing at loading port which (with influence of high temperature of ambient air during the voyage) caused further phosphine forming and the container’s damage with the gas high pressure,” the consultants found in their preliminary report.

Contents of the burst container appear to have been damaged by a chemical reaction, but there was no evidence of fire damage and smoke alarms were never activated during the voyage.

Neither oxidiser nor fluoric acid was stowed in Maersk Kinloss’s cargo hold, as some media has suggested.

In addition, it is worth noting:

  • The contents of the container have since been removed and packed in bags and placed on deck to await discharge
  • The container itself has been dismantled, cut up and also placed in bags on deck for removal.
  • Two adjacent containers were squeezed but their contents were not damaged. The ship sustained no damage.
  • Maersk Kinloss is awaiting final port clearance from customs and port authorities.

New report underlines Daily Maersk reliability

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A new research report confirms the Asia-Europe product ‘Daily Maersk’ is a powerful differentiator for Maersk Line as it continues to lead global container shipping lines in reliability.

The report, a joint effort between ecommerce network provider INTTRA and container shipping analyst SeaIntel, examined the performance of the top 20 container lines in schedule reliability.

In the past year, Maersk Line has been the No.1 carrier in eight of the months and No.2 for four. The report also highlights, among others, the effect of Daily Maersk on Maersk Line’s June reliability, a month when many carriers saw reliability dip.

“Maersk Line reached a 98% on time performance to North Europe in June, which is the highest performance seen in 2012 of any carrier, which clearly shows not only their commitment to the ‘Daily Maersk’ concept, but also their operational capability of actually delivering it,” reads the report.

The significance of the June performance is that it marks the end of a three-month period known for the lack of reliability from shipping lines.

Daily Maersk achieved 97% reliability in this period, a result that Maersk Line’s Vincent Clerc says emphasises the value of the product.

“This year has been a bit special,” says Clerc, Maersk Line’s chief trade and marketing officer. “Many carriers have adjusted their networks after the Chinese New Year as they phased in new cooperation, such as the G6 or the cooperation between MSC and CMA. It has been a tough time for customers, but overall the product offering on Asia-Europe will be greatly enhanced as a result. I guess it is another positive impact for Daily Maersk.

“For Maersk Line though the situation is a bit different. The Daily Maersk product is designed to be stable. We are mapping network changes in advance, so no matter how much we slow down the vessels or alter port calls or vessel rotations, the customer doesn’t feel it. Reliability is something customers must experience consistently and we are happy to see through these numbers that we are able to deliver this better than anybody else.”

After nine months of operation, Daily Maersk continues to deliver on its promise of daily sailings and guaranteed reliability, averaging about 97% since inception.

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