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About SriLankan Cargo

SriLankan Cargo, the ‘Hub in the Ocean” provides convenient connections to its global route network of 60 destinations in 33 countries in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Far East, North America and Australia and is a vital link in the supply chain of leading brand named product manufacturers who depend on speedy and reliable delivery in a world of ‘just in time’ manufacturing.

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2 thoughts on “SriLankan Cargo Tracking

  1. Hi, is there anything like unaccompanied luggage? I want to take my art with me, next to my luggage…I saw passengers, Sri Lankans, from male to Colombo, checking in several cardboard boxes and parcels> Can I take my artwork with me instead of a heavy 30 kg suitcase…?

    • Hi Artavar,
      We suggest you contact SriLankan Cargo via the following contact details:
      Telephone :
      00 94 1 9733 3259/3263/3276/3286 (Exports)
      00 94 1 9733 3280/81 (Imports)
      00 94 1 9733 3282/3283/3261 (Reservations)
      Fax : 00 941 9733 5313
      E-mail : [email protected]

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