Schenker Award

Outstanding work from outstanding scientists

Each winner of the DB Schenker Award received a cash prize of 10,000 euros for his or her outstanding academic work. The supervising professor also received a 5,000 euro prize.

Recent award winners:

Dr. Sönke Behrends (Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden): Urban freight transport sustainability. The interaction of urban freight and intermodal transport.

Fr. Dr.Maja I. Piecyk, Analysis of long termfreight transport, logistics and related

Dr. Stefan Walther, Industrializing Transportation Networks: An Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Approaches to Cargo Transport Services with Special Reference to the European Over-the-Road Truckload Carrier Industry

Dr. Anita Petrick, Multimodal Products in Revenue Management: Potential and Approaches to Achieving Capacity Control

Dr. Martina Weddewer, Settlement Price Systems for Horizontal Shipping Networks

Dr. Marc Jaquemin, Network Management in Air Transport

Dr. Stefanie Müller, Customer Service and Its Centralization – An Analysis of Potential Success for Industrialized Logistics Services Providers

Dr. Susanne Keller, Reduction of the Bullwhip Effect

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