R+L Carriers History

With over 40 years of service, R+L Carriers Inc. has grown from one truck to nearly 13,000 tractors and trailers. Family-owned and operated, we are dedicated to superior customer service at competitive pricing. This dedication to service and value will be the driving force for our continued success in the industry.

The Beginning

In 1965, Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts I, was a teenager with aspirations of owning his own business. His dream became a reality with the purchase of a single truck he used to haul furniture.

The business grew with the purchase of intrastate and interstate authority from Mayflower Moving and Storage, laying the foundation for the company now known as R+L Carriers.

R+L Transfer

The initial operation was contained within Ohio, but soon expanded to five other Midwestern and Southern states. The May 1989 acquisition of Gator Freightways, Inc. further developed the company in the South.

Growth continued with the purchase of Greenwood Motor Lines, Inc. in April 1992. New terminals were added annually, boosting service area strength.

Initial Operations

The early 1980’s brought deregulation to the trucking industry and opportunity to Larry Roberts, his family, and a team of dedicated employees.

The company became incorporated in conjunction with the design of a new system that moved freight at unmatched transit times. The result was the birth of R+L TRANSFER, INC.


During the next five years, terminals and service were added to 23 more states, including NY. Soon after, partnerships to provide service to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico were developed.

Expanded coverage in Western states laid the groundwork for continued growth in 2003. Growth continued in 2006 as operations began in Oregon and Washington.

The Future

R+L now serves all 50 states plus Canada, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and many Caribbean Islands. The company will continue to expand in direct response to our customers’ needs.

As a leading LTL motor freight carrier dedicated to meeting challenges head-on, there is no doubt that R+L Carriers will remain A Carrier You Can Count On.

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