Quik X Green Initiatives


Quik X recognizes the importance of preserving and promoting a cleaner environment in which all of us can live, work and play in comfort. To this end, we have introduced and maintained a host of initiatives that enable us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

In addition to receiving our Smartway Transport Partner designation, our culture embraces any change that will allow us to go green while still serving our customers to the fullest!

Our green initiatives include:

  • A continuously upgraded trailer fleet of stronger, lighter materials allows for increased freight capacity while reducing unnecessary mileage
  • High lubricity, long life engine oils are continuously tested to ensure the most efficient products are utilized
  • Aerodynamic power unit designs, such as the International Pro Stars, favourably address wind resistance in the interest of fuel efficiency
  • Our modern fleet has integrated the “regeneration” process in the exhaust systems. This system captures and burns off diesel fuel generated particulate matter and greatly reduces nitrous oxide emissions
  • Speed limiter technology assists greatly in cultivating good fuel mileage and reduced maintenance
  • Automatic transmissions ensure the highest possible gear by shifting smart (auto progressive shift technology) thus reducing the engine revolutions while maximizing road speed
  • We have installed idle monitoring systems in our power units to minimize wasteful idle time for diesel engines and have a Clean Air Policy which allows for a maximum idle time of three minutes on any Quik X property

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