PITT OHIO Sustainability

A Sustainable Future

Following consideration of the importance of environmental sustainability and a commitment to be a benefit to the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions, PITT OHIO is committed to doing our best to achieve environmental and social responsibility.

We understand the nature of our business and the impact we have on the environment, therefore our commitment to the three P’s (People, Planet, Profit) serve as an integral part of our sustainability policy. We believe in being good corporate citizens and giving back by aligning ourselves with various organizations who share our same approach of being committed to improving sustainability for future generations.

PITT OHIO is committed to promoting sustainability. We pledge to improve the environmental and social sustainability performance of our business. Our sustainability goals support the 3 P’s concentrating on People, Planet and Profit.


PITT OHIO’s commitment to the general welfare of our community is a shared dedication from the owner and the employees. In addition to providing first class health benefits, PITT OHIO has regular Health Fairs and Exercise Challenges in an effort to help promote our employees to Eat Right, Be Fit and Live Well as part of our wellness initiative.

As part of our overall mission statement, PITT OHIO’s efforts go beyond dollars raised by our company. It is important for all of the employees at PITT OHIO to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Whether it is helping others through monetary support, volunteering our time, cleaning up the environment or donating space in one of our vehicles, PITT OHIO gives back because it is the right thing to do.


By actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the road and at our facilities, we are on the forefront in preserving our environment with our green initiatives.

  • Trucks/Driver Procedures

    • Eliminating excess waste and pollution with proper shifting, speed and no idling procedures (practices).
    • Leveraging technology with our on-board computers to gain better metrics on MPG’s by truck, terminal and region in order to measure our sustainability performance.
  • Facility Maintenance

    • Recycling of all waste product and paper at all PITT OHIO facilities. A single sort recycling program is used at our corporate office and Pittsburgh terminal. Four of PITT OHIO’s terminals participate in Pallet Recycling Programs, which reduces costs for waste removal by recycling pallets and junk wood.
    • Facilities including our corporate office, terminals and vehicle maintenance shops have been retrofitted with energy-efficient appliances, lighting and water conservation equipment.
  • Earth Day

    • The company takes great pride in giving back to the community, which is a part of PITT OHIO’s overall mission. Year after year we are awed at the dedication and enthusiasm our employees give to preserving our planets beauty and PITT OHIO is committed to supporting these efforts. Our employees feel it is important to make the environment a better place and ensure the communities in which they live and work are litter free. With this in mind, employees participate in community improvement activities such as picking up litter, landscaping, gardening and other Earth day beautification projects during the month of April

PITT OHIO will continue to look at innovative ways to help our planet and reduce our overall carbon footprint.


The ability to give back to the environment, the community and our employees is important and to do so, the organization must sustain strong financial performance operate at consistent levels that allow us to be good corporate citizens and reliable business partners.

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