PITT OHIO Mission Statement


We strive to understand the diverse and emerging needs of our customer base. Our customers value our flexibility in developing solutions that meet their specific needs. We provide reliable and dependable solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.


We know that our most significant resource is our people, and we are dedicated to providing an environment that allows each employee the opportunity to perform to his or her greatest potential. We truly believe the success of our organization can be attributed to our employees’ dedication, pride, and outstanding work ethic. The commitment and loyalty of our employees facilitates the success of our organization.


We recognize that quality is important to our customers. We develop repeatable operations, safety, security, claims prevention and vehicle maintenance processes that minimize variance and improve consistency. We measure our performance so that we can continuously improve the reliability and efficiency of all aspects of our service. We are committed to providing our customers with high-value, cost-efficient solutions. Our commitment to quality is integral to our company.

Our organization exists to make our customers more competitive, our employees more valuable and our environment safer. Below are the essential and enduring principles of our organization:

  • Incomparable customer service with a focus on leveraging people, processes, and technology to deliver unique, world class customer solutions.
  • Genuine concern for our employees and their development, happiness and safety – “Take care of our people.”
  • Continuous improvement of our productivity and efficiencies.
  • Maintenance of a strong public image through support of the less fortunate, social responsibility, and safety of the people with whom we share the road.

At the foundation of our core is our continued commitment to our customers, employees’ safety and security, and our organization.


Our customers are the lifeblood of PITT OHIO.  PITT OHIO will build strategic, long-term business relationships with our valuable customers. PITT OHIO will take a one-to-one customer-centric approach which places an emphasis on understanding and delivering PITT OHIO’s value proposition, service and price to each individual customer. PITT OHIO will develop unique supply chain solutions that allow us to differentiate our company in the market place.


We regard are employees as are our most valuable resource. We will continue to uphold the culture of the company by ensuring our employees are provided an environment to work which promotes openness, communication, safety, diversity, and inclusion of ideas. Our employees will be given the tools necessary to be productive and successful in achieving the goals of the organization.


We at PITT OHIO do hereby declare our full and absolute commitment to safety in every facet of our business. The safety of all personnel, our customers, and other highway users is of the highest priority. Therefore, safety will be an integral part of policies, procedures and programs governing our business. We further recognize that it is the responsibility of every level of management to provide a safe working environment, abide by all applicable safety rules, comply with State and Federal regulations, and insist upon complete commitment to safety from all personnel.

In furtherance of this policy, it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment for all personnel and to work in a safe manner in accordance with the our accident prevention policies, procedures and programs.


PITT OHIO is committed to developing the partnerships, technologies, and strategies that will protect the assets of our customers and our organization. We will empower our employees with security knowledge, support, and resources to do their jobs safely and effectively. Our security will be customer-centric, forward-looking, and risk based in its approach. This approach will help ensure that business goals are met and customers receive the highest quality of service.

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