KWE Philosophy

  1. We will place high priority in realizing our clients’ best interest and our correct profits.
  2. We will care for our people. We will help our people grow. We will bring our excellent successors to the world.
  3. We will pursue new values through our provision of cargo logistics services and strive to reach a ten per cent share in the world markets combined.
  4. We will ensure exactness and promptness in our work and pursue the highest level in our service quality.
  5. We will participate in local communities’ work in the world and contribute to the development of the global economy.
  6. We will not waste natural resources. We will help protect the Mother Nature.
  7. We will be enthusiastic, creative and humane people.
  8. We will be fair, ethical and responsible citizens to be trusted.

It is our strong intention that we provide our clients in the world with our services that meet their trust and satisfaction as we continue to be a forward-looking enterprise for the prosperous future.
Note:The governing language of this document shall be Japanese, and any translation into any other language shall be solely for the convenience purpose.

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