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IndiGo CarGo trackingIndiGo CarGo is part of InterGlobe Enterprises. InterGlobe Enterprises was incorporated as InterGlobe Enterprises Private Limited on September 13, 1989 under the Companies Act, 1956, with the RoC. The name was subsequently changed as InterGlobe Enterprises Limited pursuant to conversations from private to public on October 29, 2001 and a fresh certificate of incorporation, was issued by the RoC, on October 29, 2001. The registered office of InterGlobe Enterprises is situated at Central Wing, Ground Floor, Thapar House, 124 Janpath, New Delhi | 110001, India. InterGlobe Enterprises is currently engaged in the business of inter-alia providing services as tourist and travel agents, transport agents and IATA agents.

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  • If you have problem with our express tracking system, please track your package directly on the IndiGo CarGo website.
  • If you get no tracking information from IndiGo CarGo official website, you’d better contact them.

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