GLS Contact Number

Sorry, GLS( do not provide phone call customer center, but you can get in touch with this link. Fill the form and get contacted.

About GLS
With its road-based network, GLS is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe. 41 central transhipment points throughout Europe and more than 700 depots are at the disposal of GLS.

Modern distribution centres are linked to each other via line hauls. About 20,000 vehicles are on Europe’s roads for GLS on a daily basis. In addition, the Group uses air freight connections. Dense national networks ensure the reliable delivery of shipments in the countries.

Quality in parcel service has top priority for the Group – over 220,000 customers rely on it. In the process, GLS puts great emphasis on sustainability: The ThinkGreen initiative consolidates all Europe-wide activities to protect the environment.

The clear commitment to Europe and to quality is reflected in the milestones of the company history and the philosophy of GLS.