Fardar Express Company History

● June 1983 formed in Taipei, provided custom broker service
● March 1985 started courier service for Taiwan companies invested in Mainland China
● January 1987 established FARDAR Express Worldwide Limited (HK) in Hong Kong
● July 1991 setup its operation in Canton, China
● April 1993 adopted computer technology to do its internal MIS
● June 1993 setup mainland China headquarter in Shen Zhen
● March 1994 started Shanghai operation
● September 1995 setup Zhu Hai hub
● December 1996 installed the first web-based tracking system
● June 1999 granted ISO-9002 certification by SGS.
● July 2000 setup Dong Guan hub
● January 2002 setup eastern China headquarter in Shanghai
● August 2003 constructed a 3000 square meter hub near Shen Zhen airport which can handle 10,000 shipments a day
● June 2004 setup Hong Zhou hub near Shanghai
● September 2005 adopted a fully integrated computer system that can handle more shipments efficiently
● July 2006 setup a call center in Shen Zhen headquarter that can handle all the phone calls for China and Taiwan
● September 2006 started daily trucking service between Canton and Shanghai

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