Estes Environment

As the largest privately held LTL carrier in North America, Estes understands that our day-to-day actions have an impact on the world around us. That’s why we strive to reduce the emission of harmful pollutants and the consumption of natural resources by adhering to eco-friendly policies and processes throughout our company.

In addition to helping preserve the environment, many of our green initiatives also allow us to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Every day, Estes proves that it is possible to provide affordable, top-of-the-line freight transportation services while still being good stewards of the earth. Here’s how we do it:

EPA SmartWay

EPA Smartway Transport Partnership logoEstes was one of the first trucking companies [PDF] to join the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWaySM Transport Partnership. This program is an innovative collaboration between the freight industry and the government to improve energy efficiency, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy security.

The EPA has consistently awarded Estes the highest possible score (external link) among SmartWay partners for our environmental efforts. Estes also uses vendors that are EPA SmartWay partners (external link) for purchases of new tractors, trailers and tires.

Recycling and Conservation

From lightbulbs to scrap metal, Estes keeps waste out of landfills and conserves precious natural resources by reusing and recycling materials.

Cleaner Processes

Estes employees follow environmentally responsible procedures to keep harmful pollutants out of the air and groundwater in the communities we serve.

Efficient Route Planning

One of the most important ways that Estes reduces our environmental impact is through innovative, effective route planning. By making sure we carry freight as efficiently as possible, we minimize our truck’s fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Smarter Fuel Usage

Making environmentally responsible decisions about fuel usage is an important part of Estes’ green program. We’ve successfully lessened our environmental impact by using cleaner fuels and taking steps to improve our equipment’s fuel efficiency.

Estes’ Carbon Footprint

For a trucking company, when calculating a carbon footprint, it all boils down to efficient engines and networks—the more efficient the engine, the more streamlined the freight route, the lower the score. For Estes, our strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions takes those basic certainties into consideration.

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