Con-way Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leader in our industry for nearly a quarter-century, Con-way has a track record of providing great careers, being responsible to the environment, and delivering the financial results to maintain a viable commercial entity for our shareholders. Our commitment to people, planet and profits is evident in so many of the things we do every day.

People: Whether it’s training our people, providing scholarship assistance to their families or taking care of their family’s needs while our employees are serving the country in the military (watch 60 Minutes Video on how Con-way supports the military), we treat our employees in SmartWay logo accordance to our values.

Planet: With “green” buildings, stringent truck idling restrictions, speed governor and active participation in government-sponsored programs such as SmartWay, we lead the industry in our environmental stewardship thinking.

Profits: For any company to help, they must stay in business. As a stable and viable investment opportunity, Con-way has enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of employees and untold shareholders, and been a critical link in commerce.

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